A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Elfish Empire vs. the Orc Hordes in... The Last Battle.

Download, click on the Instructions graphic... and do battle.

Install instructions

All interactions use the Left Mouse Button.

Selecting a Unit - click on your chosen unit.

Unit's movement allowance will highlight green.

An Engineer's building space will highlight blue.

Targets which can be attacked WILL highlight red.

Moving a Unit - click on a grid square within

range will move the selected unit to that location.

A unit will not move until a valid grid square

has been chosen.

Attacking with a Unit - click on an opponent

piece when it is within range.

Move around the map with the arrow keys

or using W - A - S - D.

or touching the cursor

at the edge of the screen.

Ending Turn - once one player has moved, the

other will be permitted to move.


The Last Battle_Windows.zip 282 MB
The Last Battle_Mac_OSX.zip 293 MB
The Last Battle_Linux.zip 294 MB

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